The Beginning of Forever

So, I got married January 23,2016 T`was THE best day of my life!


We went to Big Bear, California for our honeymoon. Oh, I would go back there in a heart beat. Adventures with my hubby are always the best. We went on a helicopter ride over the mountains and lake. God’s beautiful creation is truly amazing.


After our Honeymoon life went back to normal, we went back to work and we got to spend our first Valentines Day together, and who would’ve known that would’ve been our last alone.


The next morning Josh (my husband) and I went to work like we normally would.While I was working I was getting really bad cramps and I just didn’t feel myself. After my shift I came home to an empty apartment (Which I expected) I was exhausted! Getting up at 4:30am has its pros and cons but, mostly its cons (LOL). Later that evening I decided to go to the local CVS and get a pregnancy test. Josh kept telling me I was pregnant although I did not want to believe him. Sure enough I took the test and within seconds it was positive. That was the scariest, happiest and saddest moment of my LIFE! I had no idea what to do, I was crying because I was happy that we created a life together, a little human that is completely half of me and half of him. I was crying because I was scared. Thinking, “How the HECK? How the HECK and I going to be a mom. I cant do this!” I was crying because I was mad that it happened so fast. That we didn’t even get a year together alone! We only has 10 short months. and half of those 10 months I was complaining about how my body was changing and how my body was reacting to this human inside of me.I had to tell him so what do I do?  I called, YES! I CALLED HIM…. AT WORK…. probably not the best way to tell your partner you’re expecting a baby. I couldn’t think straight; my mind was going crazy. I could not wait to tell Josh that we were having a little baby. I called him, told him and…. he was mad….. he was mad that we were having a baby. Why? because we would have even MORE responsibility now. Having to go from dating, getting married, and now having a baby all in one year was quite hectic.

When we went to the first ultrasound together we were at ease and totally forgot about all our troubles. Seeing this little human the size of a grape, hearing his heartbeat at only 8 weeks old was incredible! After realizing that we had a baby we both changed for the better. Our eyes were opened , we were not longer mad  and we realized that being parents is going to be awesome. Becoming pregnant was the best thing that’s ever happened to us. To this day I cant even imagine life without my little man. I cant believe we actually live so long without him.

Getting married was great. Our honeymoon was wonderful but above all finding out we were having a baby was THE best experience of our lives. ♥


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