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Keeping Me Warm.

Lark and Laurel Knits

Handmade Knitted Winter Hat

Knitted with soft and thick wool acrylic.



Where do I get started with this? I was extremely excited to receive this! I’ve been looking for a hat similar to this and just recently came across Dixie’s account! I fell completely in love! It is by far THE best hat that I have every received.


  1. The packaging was so pretty! She wrote me a little note and wrapped the hat up all neatly for me!
  2. It is completely homemade and hand knitted.
  3. So warm! Here in California it doesn’t get too cold but lately its been going down into the 40’s; So, this hat keeps my ears really toasty warm!
  4. The Pom Pom. Seriously! How cute is this Pom Pom on top? absolutely adorable! I would wear this hat in every single color if I could!

Over all, I would of course recommend this to anyone and everyone who is looking for a homemade hat with just the right amount of casual style.

Shop Here!


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