Baby Clothing

Colored Organics

Peyton Polka Dot Sleeper

Colored  Organics 

Made from 100% high quality organic cotton. Designed with stretchy knit to provide easy breathability. Its naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on any babies skin.

I was very surprised with this sleeper when it arrived. It was so much better than I pictured. The softness of this sleeper is incredible. Its very thin and light weight yet its quite warm. Design wise? The very simple polka dots are unisex! I was actually worried when I chose the polka dots, I wasn’t sure if would be too girly for little Sammy or not. but surprisingly it wasn’t! Just the right amount of cuteness!

  1. The thin breathable material is very soft and keeps my little guy warm!
  2. 100% organic cotton is always better than normal cotton. 😉
  3. With every purchase from Colored Organics you help improve the lives of families from around the world.

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