Baby Clothing

Starry Knight

Suede Camel Ultra Fringe Boots

Starry Knight Designs Inc.

These leather mocc boots have a wide elastic band on the top to keep snuggly on your babes feet. They are super soft and perfect for any weather condition. Rain or shine you babe will love these.

Why I love this product?

  1. The fringes are so soft and add an extra umf to the boot. 🙂
  2. The smell is amazing!  Maybe its just me but, the fresh leather is so divine!
  3. The fact that these can be casual or not is always a plus. I’ve been looking for baby moccs for a LONG time so when I came across STARRY KNIGHT I was extremely excited.

Would I recommend them?

Yes! As soon as I opened the package you could immediately tell how good the quality is. They are perfect and I’m so happy I was able to experience this product!


Buy Them Here!

Suede Camel Ultra Fringe BOOTS Baby and Toddler



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