With mothers day coming up I thought it would be necessary to share just a few experiences as a first time mommy.

Being a mom is seriously one of THE hardest things in my life! Attempting to sleep through the night is a struggle let alone waking up at 7am. When Samuel was a newborn he slept forever! I got to do anything and basically everything that I wanted, it wasnt as hard as I thought, but then… when I least expected it. He started growing. Growing faster than the pesky weeds in your driveway. He awoke every 2 hours to eat, it felt like it would never end. So my husband and I both agreed to take turns of feeding him through out the night, that didn’t go quite as planned. We both would wake up offering to take him and then eventually we would both be sitting on the bed half asleep just waiting and wondering when the baby would fall back asleep.  It was so exhausting.

Lets be real. Diapers. Diapers are totally gross. I cant even remember how many times I was gagging when I went to change a poopy diaper. Josh is more of a mom than I am when it comes to changing diapers. A few weeks ago I was feeding Sammy some prune puree. Gosh, he loves that stuff. I think he downed a whole jar in less than 10 minutes. We went to church; like we normally would on any Sunday morning, everything was fine and dandy or so we thought. We were sitting in the car; going to look at an apartment and all of a sudden it hits me. The smell. The smell of death. We get to the apartment, take Sammy out and just gasp! OH MY GOSH! IT WAS TERRIBLE. Everything was covered. It was all down his legs, all over his back and all over the car seat. We had no where to change him except the trunk.  Here we are in the middle of no where taking everything out of our trunk and sticking our baby in there to change him but, like all good husbands would do; Josh once again changed the little man for me. Sammy hasn’t had prunes since. O.o

Time management was one of the things I’ve always struggled with.  Having a baby made it even worse. I’m the type of person who will sit down on the couch, watch Netflix, and eat a whole bag of Cheetos all while there is a disaster of a kitchen needing my help to be beautiful again. Like at this very moment I’m sitting here typing this out all while Sammy is sleeping and I could be packing or cleaning our room up. I have no idea how you other moms do it. I seriously could just sleep all day and leave a trail of everything I’ve done through out the whole day and not care one bit. #thestuggleisreal.

Keeping my munchkin safe. You never really know how much you care for someone until they are your own. Growing up we don’t realize how much our parents love us, we do whatever we want without a care in the world and just assume everything is going to be okay. I’m always terrified that someone is going to drop Sammy while holding him. I’m constantly checking on him to make sure he’s still breathing while he naps. Being a mom has really opened my eyes and shown me how much my parents care for me and how much I took them for granted when I was a teenager.

#thestrugglesarereal #momlife


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