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Lucy & Leo

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How cute is this set from Lucy & Leo?

This little suit is perfect for any summer day! It has that perfect 1930’s beach look. This soft and comfy organic adds fun that is sure to be a wardrobe favorite.

They are made out of 45% hemp and 55% organic cotton and machine washable.

Every time you shop at Lucy & Leo you are supporting fair wages, fair working conditions and helping to save the planet. Every item you purchase Lucy & Leo donate a tree to Trees for the Future.

I love love love this set so much! I would highly recommend everyone! 🙂

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Hope Outfitters

This clothing company has a great cause, every 4 months they choose a new campaign with a specific cause aimed at hurting people who need hope.  When you buy 1 they give 100% back to the campaign and every purchase you make is changing the work and showing Christ’s love around the world.


This is an easy and relaxed fit scoop neck tee, its 60/40 beech wood cotton/modal. Upon receiving this, I was very excited. The shirt is very soft and comfortable. I basically wear it anytime & anywhere.  It is a little bit bigger than I’d like but it still fits ( I bought a medium.)

Redeemed Shirt

Gift From Above

This onesie is so incredibly soft! All natural with a simple black print. 100% cotton and oh so breathable. Sammy is wearing this in 6 months. I can not rave enough about this! Its so simple yet so perfect!

Gift From Above Onesie

I would definitely recommend HOPE outfitters to anyone! They truly support a great cause.

Hope Outfitters

Baby Clothing

Starry Knight

Suede Camel Ultra Fringe Boots

Starry Knight Designs Inc.

These leather mocc boots have a wide elastic band on the top to keep snuggly on your babes feet. They are super soft and perfect for any weather condition. Rain or shine you babe will love these.

Why I love this product?

  1. The fringes are so soft and add an extra umf to the boot. 🙂
  2. The smell is amazing!  Maybe its just me but, the fresh leather is so divine!
  3. The fact that these can be casual or not is always a plus. I’ve been looking for baby moccs for a LONG time so when I came across STARRY KNIGHT I was extremely excited.

Would I recommend them?

Yes! As soon as I opened the package you could immediately tell how good the quality is. They are perfect and I’m so happy I was able to experience this product!


Buy Them Here!

Suede Camel Ultra Fringe BOOTS Baby and Toddler


Baby Clothing

Little Bird

Triangle Bloomers

Little Bird Clothing Co.



Comfy organic cotton bloomers with elastic waistband and leg opening.


Made in the USA with imported fabric from India. Printed with non toxic water based ink.

Why I love this product.

  1. You can tell that they are high quality! As a mom you always want whats best for your little one. So why not get the highest of quality?
  2. They fit true to size! Over his little diaper they are absolutely darling! They make that little baby bum so much cuter.
  3. As I’ve said many times before, organic cotton is so much better than plain ol’ regular cotton.

    I would definitely recommend these bloomers to anyone who wants their little ones baby bum to be the cutest!

    Get some here!

    Triangle Bloomer

    Baby Clothing

    Colored Organics

    Peyton Polka Dot Sleeper

    Colored  Organics 

    Made from 100% high quality organic cotton. Designed with stretchy knit to provide easy breathability. Its naturally hypoallergenic and gentle on any babies skin.

    I was very surprised with this sleeper when it arrived. It was so much better than I pictured. The softness of this sleeper is incredible. Its very thin and light weight yet its quite warm. Design wise? The very simple polka dots are unisex! I was actually worried when I chose the polka dots, I wasn’t sure if would be too girly for little Sammy or not. but surprisingly it wasn’t! Just the right amount of cuteness!

    1. The thin breathable material is very soft and keeps my little guy warm!
    2. 100% organic cotton is always better than normal cotton. 😉
    3. With every purchase from Colored Organics you help improve the lives of families from around the world.

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    Baby Clothing

    Mercy Threads

    LIMERICK pixie bonnet (mushroom)

    Mercy Threads Shop

    Made from 80% acrylic and 20% wool yarn.

    Knitted and handmade.

    What I love about this product

    1. The fact that its unique and handmade makes it special.
    2. The little pom pom on top is darling
    3. The yarn is very thick and keeps my little man nice and warm on a chilly day.

    Would I recommend this product?

    Duh! Of course I would. Even though my son is going to outgrow it pretty fast I love having something handmade and warm. There is nothing better than handmade clothing! Order one now and I promise, your little one will be rolling in the streets with the best style. 😉

    Buy their products here!

    Baby Clothing

    Janey Baby Footie

    Marmot Onesie

    Baby Soy U.S.A.

    Made from 50% rayon and 50% organic cotton. High yarn count organic cotton and bamboo fiber providing softness and silky fabric to keep babies comfortable and warm!

    1. The soft simple colors make this very chic.
    2. The size 3-6 months comes with palm wrappers. My son is ALWAYS scratching his face, even after I clip them. So the wrappers do help a lot. Although they only come in sizes 0-3 months and 3-6 months. So if your little one tends to scratch his face and he wears bigger than 3-6 months I would recommend buying the baby mittens. 🙂
    3. The art work is soooooo cute! I love the vintage look that the marmot clip art gives. Even though Sammy will probably be growing out of it anytime now I will most likely be saving it for our next little bundle. ( Not a pregnancy announcement. 😉 )

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