Welcome to my blog!

I’m so thankful you decided to stop by! Its so nice to meet you! I hope you will enjoy getting to know me!

The idea of this blog is to share some of my stories, my somewhat of a fashion sense, and maybe some cooking recipes. ( If I ever have the time to cook. )

Working at a grocery store is completely miserable but… it has its good times. A few months ago while I was working a customer who regularly shops there decided to stop by, now this costumer nobody in their right mind likes. She (not going to name) will talk to you for hours on top of hours. All the other employees always run to the back room or try to avoid her completely, I usually do but for some reason I decided to talk to her (I only had about half an hour left of my shift). As I was talking to her I really got to know WHO she was and her life story and I did not understand why all the other employees kept running from her? Β  I was helping her get her groceries, helping her through the store and she could not have been happier. I enjoyed sharing things with her and helping her out.

My point? My point is helping people is one of the most important things you can do in life. Without people, how would you get anything done? Think about it. Who stocks those shelves at the store so you can buy their products to bring home and feed your family? Who stitches the fabric together so we can be clothed? People! People make this world go round.

So, with all that said, I’m here to share my life and encourage people through it. To HELP the people. To HELP you!